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What is Materially Speaking?

Materially Speaking is a podcast where artists and artisans tell their stories through the materials they choose. 

The podcast started in the community of artists around Pietrasanta and Carrara in northern Italy where generations of sculptors have been drawn since Michelangelo arrived 500 years ago to source marble for La Pietà.

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The podcast

satellite map of Italy with a few locations numbered



We are a small, distributed group of people creating this podcast.

woman recording audio with a furry microphone and headphones

Sarah Monk

producer, presenter

man wearing headphones and holding fuzzy microphone

Mike Axinn

co-producer, editor

Gail Skoff


Ben Edmonds

web developer

Peter Brawne

designer, copy editor

Guy Dowsett

audio editor


Materially Speaking is produced in London. Running Dog Productions Ltd, registered in England: 11933139

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions, please contact us by email at

Running Dog Productions Ltd

Registered in England: 11933139