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Robin Bell:

Pioneers and famous Canadians

13 December 2023 | 22 minutes
smiling man sketching a drawing

Robin Bell, sketching his daily drawings

We settle down to chat outside Robin Bell’s home at a sheltered table with a spectacular view of the sea, from Pisa to La Spezia, and the never ending horizon. An exterior storage space against a yellow wall reveals shelves laden with maquettes and sculptures in various stages of completion.

Robin's maquettes stored outside

Robin discusses his move from working with marble to bronze and his focus on creating larger sculptures. He shares stories about some of his notable commissions, including sculptures of Winston Churchill, Ulysses and the hockey star and Canadian politician, Ken Dryden.

Robin and his portrait of the Teemer from his monumental bronze sculpture Teeming

Robin talks about his Irish heritage and how he loves telling stories through his sculptures. He also describes his working process and how he immerses himself in the characters he sculpts. He recounts the preparations he took to sculpt a Canadian cutting horse called Peppy San, which took three years to make. 

Robin Bell, Peppy San the Canadian Cutting Horse

Coming from a military family involved Robin in much travelling and he acknowledges the influence his grandfather’s pioneering spirit had on him. He reflects on how attached he is to the view of the horizon over the sea from his house near Pietrasanta. Nowadays Robin creates a drawing daily, which he posts on social media.

Robin Bell, Moving Time, 10 October 2023

Robin Bell

Robin Bell, Goldie, element from Eagle's Nest a twice life-size sculpture of a golden eagle, nest, chick and opening egg


All photos: Gail

Thanks to Gail for her ongoing collaboration and the fantastic photographs of Robin

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