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Jim Hager:


25 March 2020 | 23 minutes

Jim Hager, from California, has been carving marble in Pietrasanta, northern Italy for almost 30 years. He talks to us about his Sculpture for Homeless project in which he captures the images and voices of the homeless in his home town of Oakland, California. He discusses creating an exhibition which will feature a 'cardboard' House of Cards carved from a single block of marble.

Jim Hager, House of Cards. Photo: Paola Tazzini-Cha

Photo: Paola Tazzini-Cha

The studio La Polveriera

Jim speaks of his inspiration and how he hopes his art can be a vehicle for social change. In a strange twist of fate, the studio he works in in Italy, La Polveriera is also under threat from developers.


Producer: Sarah Monk

Editor: Michael Hall

Photos: Jim Hager and Paola Tazzini-Cha

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