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Eppe de Haan:

Searching Souls

1 April 2020 | 22 minutes

Eppe de Haan was born in Arnhem, Holland and studied art at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. Originally a painter, he came to Pietrasanta to try his hand at marble carving in 1995. He started carving in a studio in Querceta before joining Studio Sem where the artisans there shared their skills and experiences with him.

Eppe with Searching Souls, 2014

Eppe de Haan, Angelo, 2005

Eppe de Haan, Three Graces, 2004

In his paintings or sculptures, Eppe's preoccupations are the same: figurative work with an emphasis on nudes and face fragments. As well as carving in marble, Eppe also uses bronze and glass.

Eppe de Haan, Icarus, 2001


Producer: Sarah Monk

Editor: Michael Hall

Photos: Eppe de Haan

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