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Armen Agop:

Face the nothingness

4 March 2020 | 34 minutes

Photo: Bob Bagley

Armen in his studio. Photo: Patricia Franceschetti

Some materials are more resistant than others: they always say no. Armen Agop tells us how he discovered a material that suits him. He speaks about marble, basalt and granite and the pros and cons of working in a close artistic community like the one near Pietrasanta.

Armen works in the Giorgio Angeli Studio di Scultora D’Arte and it was here that Sarah spoke to him. He describes how he first came to Italy after being awarded the Rome Prize.

Armen exhibited at the Meem Gallery, a leading institution managing and promoting contemporary Arabic, north African and Iranian art.

Armen Agop, Untitled 107, 2010, black granite, private collection. Photo: Armen Agop


Producer: Sarah Monk

Sound edit and design: Guy Dowsett

Thanks to him too for his original music and soundscape.

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