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International Women Stone Talk

24 April 2021

Sarah was invited to moderate a special session for a group of women sculptors who call themselves The Stone Circle.

Artist and sculptor Monika Majer met them during the pandemic on Instagram.

She found it inspiring to see other women sculptors working in stone and invited them to a virtual chat on Zoom which she called an International Women Stone Talk. And so the group was born.

To celebrate International Sculpture Day on 24 April, they decided to record a discussion and invited Sarah Monk to moderate.

We decided Touch as a good theme for the year – a year in which social distancing has meant touch between loved ones, a kiss on the cheek, or a hug between friends has been impossible.

The response was enthusiastic. Everyone was encouraged, acknowledging that while we can’t meet in person, new connections can still be made.


Monika Majer
— Instagram: @monikamajersculpture

Martha Quinn
— Instagram: @marthaquinnsculptor

Anne-Cecile Surga
— Instagram: @acsurga

Dawn Rowland
— Instagram: @dawnrowlandsculpture

Petra Boshart
— Instagram: @petraboshart

Isabel H Langtry
— Instagram: @isabelhlangtry

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