Virtual Vatican

11 April 2020

Sistine Chapel, interior. Photo: Vatican Museum with thanks

If you’re missing something spiritual this Easter to enjoy from home, look no further than the Vatican Museum’s online tour of the Sistine Chapel.

The tour gives you a choice of exploring the ceiling painted by Michelangelo Buonarotti, who came to Pietrasanta – where current episodes of Materially Speaking are recorded – to secure the finest white marble. Or discover The Last Judgement, north wall, south wall or entrance wall, all in stunning detail. 

Alternatively, and this is Sarah’s favourite bit, there’s a virtual tour which enables you to take yourself around, swivelling and craning your head as though you were really there. There’s also a short video to watch to get you in the mood. Both visually and within the historical notes, the tour is an amazingly rich experience.

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